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Unleash The Power - Weighted Swing Trainers for Baseball, Softball & Golf


Swing trainers designed to increase hand speed, club speed, bat speed, and exit velocity! Choose your sport.

  • Hit Live Golf Balls
  • Increase Distance
  • Increase Club head Speed
  • Create a Proper Swing Plane
  • Improve Accuracy
  • Increase Ball Speed
  • Train With More Weight
  • Train With Weight Above Hands
  • Increase Exit Velocity
  • Improve Swing Mechanics
  • Develop More Power
  • Hit Live

HOW IT WORKS The Krato Swing Trainer fits securely on your bat or club with an easy on/off design. Attach using the provided thumbscrews, using just one hand. Simple to fasten, tighten, and loosen. No tools are required. Univeral fit for all softball bats and baseball bats. Fits the shaft of all golf clubs.

Krato Sports

Phone: (419) 438-6519


Tour Aim was designed, and produced by Tour Aim’s founder and CEO, Noah Wolf.

Noah could only get away during the week to squeeze in some range time and had terrible range habits.

He found using swing aids and alignment sticks cumbersome to use and he wasn’t sure how they were supposed to help him align and aim. After hitting ball after ball, not paying attention to alignment and aim, some bad swing habits developed. These habits translated to high scores and lots of lost balls on the golf course.

With the sole focus of making practicing golf more effective and efficient, Noah created Tour Aim.

With every aspect of the golf swing starting with proper alignment and aim, Noah quickly saw the benefits of using Tour Aim as an effective practice tool. As a result, Noah’s handicap dropped from 11 to 6 in three months. With these results, feedback from hundreds of golfers and teaching pros, Noah brought Tour Aim to the market.

Now hundreds of teaching pros and amateurs around the world are using Tour Aim to improve their games and their students games.

Proper target alignment and aim is the first step in the golf swing. If you are not properly aligned to your target your golf shot is doomed before you even swing.

Tour Aim

Phone: 760-201-9812


A Sports Box makes a great gift for your favorite youth athlete. Customize by sport and age and a box of sports fun will be sent to their door! Sports Box Co. has several Sports Subscription Boxes, including: Batter UP! Box, Hoops Box, Power Play Box, Gridiron Box & Corner Kick Box. They also have a Lacrosse one time box and hope to add more sports in the future!

Our boxes are curated with a mix of quality products from large, well known brands to niche sports brands with unique products. - Training Aids, Gear & Accessories (T-shirts included every 3 months), Collectibles & Swag, Snacks & more!! We always get at least $40 in retail value in each box of quality products! The unique, surprise mix helps make Sports Box the Perfect Gift for Kids who Love Sports! And shipping is included so there are no extra costs.

It's Easy....
  • Choose Your Box Choose a sport & select the perfect box for your athlete. You can change sports, update sizes, skip a month or cancel your subscription anytime.

  • SELECT A PLAN Choose your subscription & checkout. Plans start as low as $33.99/month for an annual plan and shipping is included on all subscription terms.

  • GET YOUR BOX A box of sports awesomeness is delivered to your athlete each month. Training aids, gear, accessories, snacks, apparel and other cool swag they'll love!

Sports Box Co.

Phone Caddy - The best phone holder for golf, period.

The patented Phone Caddy from Desert Fox Golf is the perfect golf cart accessory to keep your phone safe and at your fingertips. Navigation, golf apps, music and video are more popular than ever.

Wait, phones on the golf course? It isn't about making phone calls, no one likes that! Silence your ringer, take some great pictures and enjoy all of the new apps dedicated to improve your experience on the course. GPS, real-time scoring and even augmented reality.

The Phone Caddy is fully adjustable to fit most phones and cases using a thumb screw on top for thickness and a second on the back for width. It mounts quickly to the golf cart strut with a velcro strap and has rubber pads to prevent it from sliding. Now, you have a better place than the cup holder or cubby for your phone. You can even mount it to the umbrella post on a push cart if you are a walker!

Save 10% use discount code YSS at Desert Fox Golf !

Desert Fox Golf

Phone: (833) 803-4653

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70% of golfers have lost or left clubs behind on the course!

Since golf was invented in 15th-century Scotland, it’s happened every day on every course - golfers leaving their clubs behind, usually a wedge near the green…
  • That panic as you realize it and tell your group you need to go back and look for it, interrupting golfers behind you and delaying everyone's game...
  • Searching the Lost and Found clubs in the pro shop…
  • Spending time and money buying a replacement, or…
  • Not finding an exact match and facing either mismatched clubs or a whole new set!
If this is you, you're not alone. A survey by a major golf equipment manufacturer found that 70% of golfers have lost or left clubs behind on the course.

Club Catcher solves the problem
  • Light sensors and angle sensors determine whether each club is IN or OUT of your bag.
  • Club units communicate their IN/OUT status to your phone via Bluetooth Low Energy.
  • The free mobile app (iOS and Android) monitors each club’s status to determine when you’ve left one behind, and gives you an alert before you go to the next hole.
  • Works with smartwatches.

Club Catcher works in the background and doesn’t interfere with your game.

Get peace of mind to enjoy your round

YouthSportsSpot Discount : Offer good for 10% off with discount code Youth10 at!

The Club Catcher



Effectively Practice Your Putting Aim In A Fun & Challenging Way To Lower Your Scores On The Green with the "Accuracy Pro" Putting Trainer!

An Effective & Easy Way To Train Your Aim!

Lowest Effort Practice - Biggest Impact On The Putt Shot!

A score-lowering putting trainer that’s super fun to play and helps you with one of the most fundamental and impactful parts of the putt shot - your "on the line" straight aim!
  1. Helps make golf practice more fun - and is super effective for improving your aim!
  2. Get the 'kick' out of golf without the need of a huge open space or even a green!
  3. Helps you naturally and intuitively improve your stroke mechanics - by actually practicing - instead of just overthinking how to strike the ball!

Ultra Challenging Even For Pros Our trainer has three degrees of difficulty - adjusted by placing or removing the ball bearings on the end of the line - making it great for both beginners AND pros alike!

Improve Your Green-Reading Skills Use it on the green to build up the intuition of ‘seeing’ the straight line to the hole!

Compact & Easy To Carry Case The trainer comes in at just about 5.11 by 2.55 by 8.65 inches inside - packed in its own easy-to-carry case, so you wouldn't have to wonder where to put it when you're not playing!

Putting Trainer from Yopyan on Vimeo.

My Quick Golf

KlockIt Golf - Improve Your Drive!!

KlockItGolf is the perfect golf tool to help you work on form, strike, and focus. Use Klockitgolf to better understand your swing or warm-up before a big game.

Klockitgolf’s golf training device is the perfect tool for building power and consistency. Improve your form and drive to become the best golfer you can be!

There’s a little birdie out there saying there’s a better way to improve your drive and overall golf game! Klockitgolf is the best way to focus on your club face-to-ball impact, improve your strength, and grow your confidence on the course.

Father's Day Special 10% off with discount code DAD at!

KlockIt Golf


Hand Warmer Pouches - Defeat The Cold!
G-Tech Hand-Warming Technology for Athletes, Outdoor Enthusiasts and Spectators

G-Tech was originally created to help professional athletes perform their best despite cold weather. Today, professional sports players around the world rely on our hand warmer muffs. Players in the NFL, CFL, NBA, MLB and NCAA trust the G-Tech brand to keep their fingers and hands warm so they can be on the top of their game. The same can be said for many golfers on the PGA Tour, LPGA Tour and the Ryder Cup.

Experience our heating technology that delivers warmth directly to your hands. Unlike other products that only heat the pouch, our patented heat grip helps your hands feel instantly better. And the rechargeable battery keeps your hands protected from the cold for up to 12 hours. Plus, we’ve designed the pouch with 3M material to lock in warmth, and the water resistant fabric helps shield your hands from the rain and snow.

We offer the Sport Pouch in five core colors: Black, Navy Blue, White, Green, and Red.

The pouches are made of a polyester outer shell fabric treated with a water repellant coating. Inside the pouch is a soft fleece lining for comfort and heat retention:
  • waterproof zippers to increase water resistance
  • 3M Poly fill insulation to increase heat retention
  • Upgraded rechargeable battery to increase battery life
  • Dual head wall charger for faster charging

Although the Sport Pouch was originally designed for athletes, it has evolved to become a versatile product loved by: Sports fans, outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy skiing, snowboarding, hiking and camping, Individuals coping with medical conditions such as Raynaud’s or Arthritis, Members of the outdoor workforce

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G-Tech Apparel

In Shape Golf- a Putting Game

Check out In Shape Golf, a new and original patent pending indoor putting game that was introduced to the world by a Wisconsin inventor on November 22, 2020.

In Shape Golf is fun for all ages- play at home with family and friends; bring it to your next social outing for an impromptu game; challenge office colleagues with some friendly competition at work; improve your putting skills while having fun!

The game comes with 5 numbered shapes designed to receive a golf ball, 2 1.5" wooden dice with images of the shapes and a flag (wild), 2 logo golf balls, a mesh storage bag, and score cards. The shapes are made in Wisconsin with a rubber-like high quality material. A putter can also be included with the game.

How to play- lay the shapes on a flat surface. Roll the dice...putt to the shapes indicated on the dice. Make the putt and score the points on the shape...roll a flag and putt to any shape. First player to score "exactly" 21 points, wins.

In Shape Golf

Phone: 262-888-0430

Big Moss putting greens are aesthetically pleasing in residential or commercial settings and provide tour level practice sessions. Our products are affordable, portable, and guaranteed to out-perform the competition. Big Moss is consistently voted The Best Indoor Putting Green with many of the PGA’s Top 100 Teachers using our products for year-round training. We promise you won’t be disappointed by our customer service when you order a Big Moss. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with our product, we now offer a 60 day money back guarantee!

Big Moss Greens are Endorsed by PGA National Teacher of the Year Recipients & used by PGA & LPGA Major Champions

Big Moss Golf

SportsTrace Mobile App

As an athlete, you need to be practicing smarter so that when scouts are watching you are bringing your A Game. The question is – HOW?

SportsTrace helps athletes and coaches train smarter. Use your in-game or practice video to get automatic analysis – how you are progressing and how you can get better – using only your phone. And, we let you do it for free for a limited time.

There are plenty of instructional videos out there. How to find the right one? There are lots of opinions about how you can get better. Which one to listen to? There are lots of expensive solutions out there. How can I use something affordable?

SportsTrace takes cell phone video, analyzes the video in 3D, and takes measurements of how you move in your sport. We then evaluate how consistent or inconsistent you have been moving. Finally, SportsTrace sends you back links to products, drills, and exercises to work on specifics of your game that our partner coaches and scientists have personally vetted. Best of all – right now IT’S FREE.

SportsTrace is used at all levels of the game across almost every sport.

User Signup 30 Days Free


User Signup: 30 Days Free

Get The App: iOS | Android


Marc Pro is a cutting-edge EMS device that delivers the most effective muscle recovery available. Our patented technology creates non-fatiguing muscle activation, which is scientifically proven to enhance each stage of the muscle recovery process. Marc Pro makes it easy to recover faster, perform at your best, and keep your body healthy and active for the future.

Research shows that muscle activation is the key facilitator for all stages of the body’s natural recovery process, which means using ice, compression boots, or foam rolling are not very effective for improving your recovery. Your body requires movement (aka active recovery) to rebuild after a workout or intense activity.

A relaxing 30-60 minute session with Marc Pro, several times per week, allows you to:
  • Recover Faster
  • Perform At Your Best
  • Maintain Proper Biomechanics
  • Prevent Overuse Injuries

Visit use our exclusive Savings code YSS10 for 10% off your order + FREE Shipping!.

Phone: (855) MARC-PRO (855-627-2776)

Exclusive Discount Code: YSS10

IceRays UV Sleeves Better than sunscreen, Cooler than long sleeves.

Anne Rollo, Golf Professional and owner of IceRays talks about why she loves her sleeves.
  • Cool and comfortable UV Protection for any outdoor activity. ONE SIZE FITS ALL
  • SPF 50+ UV protection
  • No more sticky sunscreen or hot long sleeves
  • The special fabric has a cooling effect works with the moisture in your skin and the movement of the air
  • Removes moisture away from wearer, leaving them dry
  • Antibacterial agent
  • Reduces lactic acid build-up and increases circulation
  • Helps support the muscle and reduces muscle vibration
  • IceRays Arm Coolers feel cool without over cooling your muscles during exercise
  • Material lab tested by ARPANSA (The Federal Govt Radiation and UV testing agency) for it's UV protection rating

Icerays UV Sleeves. Australia's best selling, fully tested and certified sun protection sleeve. NOW Available in the USA for the first time, delivered direct to you from within the USA.

Visit IceRays UV Sleeves to purchase and use discount code YOUTHSPORTS for 20% off your entire order.

Icerays UV Sleeves

Golf Elevator
Phone: 413 203-5384

Are you still putting with a clammy wet grip?

If you’re like me, you have endured “the wet grip” for years, and let’s face it, that’s a real pain!

That’s why I invented the Golf Elevator. It’s like a kickstand for your putter, elevating your grip high above the wet grass…clean and dry.

Now you can enjoy the game and putt without distraction. After all, isn’t that what it’s all about, enjoying the day and the game?

Why let a wet grip rob you of that pleasure, really!

Here’s what a customer had to say about our Golf Elevator:
“This is a great product. Purchased one for myself in July 2018 after reading about it in the CNY PGA publication under new golf ideas. It is simple to install and reasonably priced”.

“I play early in the mornings frequently and the grass is wet, I used to try to carry a towel to lay my putter on but would frequently forget to do this and end up with a wet grip. This solves that problem. The ball marker comes in handy as well when you need to mark an additional ball beside your own, love the convenience”.

“I just purchased two additional devices to give as gifts and real golf nuts will love this. I strongly endorse this product and the service at this business has been terrific.”

Anthony Crescenzi, Baldwinsville, NY

The Glorious Lovechild of Golf and Cornhole

*WINNER - Best New Product Award at the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show
*Best of Demo Day at the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show
*'s Best Golf Gifts of 2017
*Golf Digest's Best Gifts for the Golfer Who Has Everything
Chippo is the viral new golf game for beach, backyard, tailgate, office and clubhouse - a patent pending, mind-blowing mash-up of golf and traditional backyard games! We’ve combined the old fashioned, beer-slugging, tailgate-dominating, sunshine-basking goodness of games like cornhole with the gentlemanly, giddiness-inducing, side-betting beauty of golf. Chippo is the only backyard game where you can work over your buddies, while working on your short game - revolutionary! As seen on Golf Digest, The Golf Channel,,, Barstool Sports, Men's Health, The Huffington Post, KTLA Morning News...and even on the PGA Tour!

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BioMatch, One-Swing Golf Club Matching, makes the Game of Golf more Fun.

BioMatch is the scientifically true way of matching golf clubs that golfers have sought for centuries.

All the golf clubs in your set have random mass and moment of inertia. Therefore your subconscious mind needs to store a different swing for every club. This confusion causes all sorts out problems that make the game of golf so difficult to learn and maintain. BioMatch turns your set of clubs into a one-swing-for-all set. To be able to apply one consistent swing to all your clubs, each of your clubs must have a particular weight. BioMatch makes a computer model of your body swinging your clubs and thereby calculates the optimum weight of each of your clubs. The calculations require that you provide details like your height, weight, and fat percentage on the Rational Golf website, The online application will also need details like the weight and length of each of your clubs. You will need a kitchen scale or similar to weigh your clubs. Once you have fed the data into the website, it will display your BioMatch report. You may then decide to order the BioMatch weights by a click of a button. The golfer can easily install the weights using the accompanying tool. Once that is done, your game will improve effortlessly. Feedback from elite junior players to retired golfers is astonishing.

BioMatch, Straighter Shots, More Fun!

BioMatch Articles

Rational Golf

Are you ready for an alternative to traditional golf that is awesome, fast, fun, and athletic?

FlingGolf™ is for you!

FlingGolf combines golf and lacrosse in a fun and fast sport. ... FlingGolf is a blend of golf and lacrosse, only without the bone-crushing hits. Players use a lacrosse-inspired stick to fling a regulation golf ball around a regulation golf course, and apparently this new hybrid sport is taking off.

We are partners with the National Golf Course Owners Association. The NGCOA represents thousands of golf courses across the US. PlusOne Sports, the creator of FlingGolf, and Billy Casper Golf Management, one of the largest and most respected innovators in golf course management, have jointly designated BCG's 140 US courses in 29 states as "FlingGolf Friendly". This brings the total of known FlingGolf Friendly courses close to 500 across the globe. Check out the courses in your area.

Fling Golf
Phone: (858) 433-5464 / (978) 308-9080

BirTee Golf tees: A Revolutionary Golf Tee!

Golfers of all ages and skill levels love the revolutionary BIRTEE PRO® tees by BirTee Golf Ltd. for its fast & easy consistency.

The simplicity of the BirTee Golf tees also makes it ideal for golfers of all ages and skill levels or for golfers coping with reduced mobility or dexterity. The tee also features two height identification systems for the visually impaired.

Invented and made in Canada, the BirTee Golf tees have been approved on March 1st, 2011 as conforming to the USGA Rules of Golf.

The tees work on any normal golf surface, but they are ideal for dry & hard ground. They are also ideal for frozen ground for Winter Golf and are perfect for gym floors or Golf Simulators. The tees are also great for the environment as they are both very durable and recyclable. They also float, making them easy to retrieve from ponds.

The BirTee Golf tees are sold in an “8 Pack” that includes eight tees varying in height from ¼” to 2” high by ¼” increments, providing every golfer with a consistent height for any size club (Drivers, Woods, Hybrids & Irons) and for every tee shot. Packages of individual sizes are also available.

BirTee Golf tees
Phone: 613-706-4367

The ZORIZ golf sandal is built specifically with the golf swing in mind. ZORIZ are constructed with an EVA mid-sole that provides comfort and support. The patented heel has a deeper heel cup and higher side walls that help keep your foot in place during the golf swing. A contrasting out-sole consists of removable spikes. The thong style upper has a reinforced toe post designed to sit comfortably between your toes. The easy-care synthetic upper is padded with neoprene cushioning which holds your foot securely.


Zoriz Golf Sandal


The Greens Wizard teaches you how to feel the breaks & slopes of the green so you can make more putts & lower your score!

We know, golf green designers are experts at creating illusions with slopes to trick your eyes! So, it is of significant value for a golfer to feel those slopes with their feet. Teaching your feet to feel the gradual slopes, breaks and flat lies is key to improving your putting scores – the Greens Wizard is the perfect tool to accomplish this.

The intent of the Greens Wizard design, is to have golfers of all ages and skill level relate what they see, to what they feel under foot. Use the Greens Wizard as instructed and your feet will soon be telling you the truth and unmasking the trickery of the golf green designer.

Buy online now for only $19.95 and get free shipping! (Canada & USA)

Greens Wizard

The Putting Arc started in the inquisitive mind of VJ Trolio, a young teaching pro at Old Waverly Golf Club. In the winter of 2002, VJ noticed that if the putter is swung perfectly “on-plane” along an inclined plane, that the putter head appeared to move on a curved path, when viewed from overhead.

Interestingly this curve was a very specific segment of an ellipse, and the formula for this ellipse was first calculated by Appolonius of Perga over 2000 years ago in 200 BC. The patent for the Putting Arc is based on this formula.

OUR PHILOSOPHY - Great Putting Is Not A Mysterious Art… Great Putting Is An Arc!

  • The curve of the Putting Arc is based on the 2200 year old math formulas of Apollonius of Perga.
  • Proper use of the MSIII will help you create a putting stroke in which the putter head moves inside-to square-to inside on a very precise arc.
  • The Putting Arc is based on an ellipse created from a very large circle, so it fits most golfers.

The Putting Arc
Phone: (800) 898-0701

Whether you are a Tour Player or a beginning golfer, using the Orange Whip Trainer allows you to feel if your swing is actually in rhythm and balance. Providing a low impact workout, the Orange Whip Trainer will increase your flexibility and strengthen your golf muscles. Ask any Tour Player or Golf Instructor and they will tell you it's the perfect warm up tool because it properly stretches your golf muscles while perfecting tempo and balance.

Three key components that make up the patented design of the Orange Whip Trainer; a weighted orange ball, a counterweight, and a very flexible shaft. The orange ball replaces the club head and allows you to focus on swinging naturally without worrying about the position of the club face. It's weighted to promote a fluid swinging motion rather than a jerky hitting motion.

The counterweight balances the Orange Whip, stabilizing your swing from the start through the finish. It's essential in providing critical feedback on whether you are loading and unloading the golf club properly.

Our proprietary shaft naturally promotes the need to swing in rhythm creating synchronization between your arms, upper body, and lower body. The result is a perfect tempo and balanced swing creating more consistent and powerful shot making on the course. Feedback from the Orange Whip Trainer is instant and any wobble in the swing indicates a need to improve tempo and balance. Swinging it, you will naturally find the tour like motion needed to be a better golfer.

Orange Whip Products
  • Orange Whip Trainer (LENGTH: 47in. WEIGHT: 1.75 lbs.) The longest and most popular version, the Orange Whip Trainer provides the greatest feedback for tempo, balance, and swing plane training.
  • Orange Whip Mid-size (LENGTH: 43in. WEIGHT: 1.7lbs.) The Orange Whip Mid-size is universal for both men and women and is easily handled by seniors, beginners, and shorter players.
  • Orange Whip Compact (LENGTH: 43in. WEIGHT: 1.7lbs.) Perfect for indoor use and travel. Its convenient length and versatile design are perfect for men, women, seniors, and teens.
  • Orange Whip Junior (LENGTH: 38in. WEIGHT: 1.3lbs.) The lighter weights, smaller grip, and shorter length of the Orange Whip Junior are ideal for junior golfers in developing their golf swing.
  • Orange Whip Wedge (LENGTH: 35.5in. WEIGHT: 1.7 lbs.) The Wedge will develop the ability to swing the club and impact the ball with consistency and improve your margin for error.
  • Orange Whip Putter (LENGTH: 34.5in. WEIGHT: 1.85 lbs.) Trains putting rhythm and tempo

Special YouthSportsSpot Discount : Offer good for $10 off any Orange Whip Product. Use Code YSS at the checkout!

Orange Whip Golf
Phone: 877-505-9447

  • Golfers sinking challenging 30 foot putts
  • Football quarterbacks passing deep bombs down the sidelines
  • Baseball shortstops scooping up tough one hop grounders
  • Tennis pros spinning nasty forehand drop shots… all require a special touch.

Despite the numerous sports gloves in the market, a need still remained for a novel grip glove that truly felt natural – literally placing the athlete’s own sensitive skin onto the securely held sport item. After extensive material research, numerous prototype designs, and extensive field testing, a sports product line of patented mokom gloves was created. Our mokom gloves were specifically designed for those particular sports that require the optimal BALANCE of a sensitive NATURAL TOUCH and improved HI-TECH GRIP. All mokom gloves were custom designed to meet FOUR important parameters: 1. Increase Overall Handgrip 2. Retain Tactile Sensitivity 3. Maximize Air Ventilation 4. Maintain Manual Dexterity.

All of our finely crafted mokom gloves are fabricated from an ultra-thin, black, stretchable, knit fabric with a textured polyurethane coating and soft, white, cabretta leather. The unique black material is "grippy", conformable, super breathable and even prevents dry-rotting. The precision laser cut hole pattern strategically exposes the athlete’s sensitive skin on the palm and finger pads where the nerves are most prevalent. Numerous additional holes permit knuckles to naturally flex for improved manual dexterity and an increase in overall cool air flow. Extra durable, black, cabretta leather palm pads are incorporated only for those sports that require additional wear protection. Our custom designed mokom gloves were tailor made for Golf, Football, Baseball and Racquet Sports.

Mokom Gloves
Phone: (301) 656-1867

Designed by an ex pro golfer - to help teach & pass on a few easy secrets to becoming a better golfer and improving your handicap rating .

Ideally designed for any Age - Juniors , Seniors or Range of players from a complete newcomer to golf right through to the better club players who want that all important edge in the game .

Designed to give you that all important stance / position to enable you to hit the ball more accurately and efficiently every time more easily .

If you are not aligned or positioned correctly to strike the ball you will never send it in the direction or distance you want it to go -

The mat can be used by either right/left handed players

The mat teaches golfers where to position their feet - by using the printed footprints on the mat depending on which club they are using (see Pictures which outlines in more detail)

The mat also teaches beginners and junior players together with more enhanced players wanting to enhance their stance and how to correctly align their body to enable them to hit the golf ball more efficiently and correctly.

The mat is a simple and easy way to help understand how to get into that all important stance position.

Use the mat at your local driving range, sports / recreational fields , beach ... Roll it up and pop it in your bag , only weighs 2kg so easily transported .

Includes an Instructional DVD
  • How to be in the correct stance position
  • Correct body alignment
  • Swing Techniques
  • Correct way to hold & grip the club
  • Understanding the term hitting the ball on plane.
£29.95 GBP / $40.00 USD
+ Shipping

Golf Stance Mats

ProPutt is a revolutionary new Putting Training Aid that helps stabilize your lower body while also helping with setup and alignment. By minimizing lower body movement during the putting stroke it is easier to keep your putter on-line and your speed more consistent. Putting aids are very prevalent in the golf world today. Putting training aids are used to improve a player's putting stroke and improve the roll of the golf ball on the target line. A lot of golfers thought that putting is just an easy thing to do, when in fact this is the most challenging part in the game of golf. If you do not know the proper way to putt, you can't expect to score low rounds.

ProPutt USA

After years of practice and competition. Tiffany Faucette, LPGA Top 50 Teacher, PGA Class A and former touring professional used her expert knowledge and judgement to develop a one of a kind practice tool that allows anyone to Improve their swing, no matter where they are.

  • INSTANT FEEDBACK ON EVERY SWING! The Impact Ball STICKS to the Strike Shield so you know your contact point.
  • TIME SAVER: PRACTICE ANYTIME and ANYWHERE! Don’t let life or the weather get in the way of your golf swing.
  • RANGE PRACTICE ENHANCED: Maintain your feels and timing because you can swing on a regular basis. Helps you focus 100% on body and club movement for better performance since ball flight does not distract you.
  • FUN & EASY TO USE: no assembly. Safely practice indoors because the ball is lightweight and sticks to the Strike Shield.
  • FITS MOST IRONS. Fits adult & junior clubs – Right handed only. Fit 90% of irons in testing. Won’t fit some clubs with thicker top lines.

Impact Improver

No Lasers. No Batteries.No Hassle.

The Navigator is a simple, easy to use, instantly effective eye training device that attaches to the shaft of any putter in a matter of seconds. It teaches the user to recognize and repeat a square putter face at address and at impact, while building confidence in starting the ball on line. In just 5 minutes of use, the Navigator reveals exactly why you're missing putts. The feedback is immediate, removing all guesswork from the equation. With repeated use, the Navigator will give you a drastic and lasting ability to make putts!

The Navigator Putting Aid is endorsed by some of the most talented instructors in the world including: Scott Hamilton, the #2 coach on the PGA Tour & Jim Hardy, World Golf Hall of Fame Teacher  

Scott Hamilton: PGA Tour Coach from Dirty Larry Golf on Vimeo.

The Navigator Putting Aid From Dirty Larry Golf
Phone: (919) 391-7200 (M-F 8AM-8PM EST)

The Golf Doctor Mat is the training mat that can help you with that pesky slice.

It is a multi-functional training aid that can help a Golfers game.

The Golf Doctor Mat is a compact and easy to use training mat for any golfer, Beginner to Pro.

The Golf Doctor Mat helps you do many things, which includes:
  • Fix your unwanted slice
  • Make sure you have the correct stance alignment
  • Help you have the correct Club to Ball Contact

Golf Doctor Mat

The PRO-HEAD Trainer (PHT) is a patented, full swing training aid that immediately helps the golfer feel the effect of maintaining the spine angle and keeping the head behind the ball through impact.

The PHT helps golfers to develop that feel into a consistent and repeatable swing to take to the course. Such a feel can only be attained through repeated swings with the golfer’s head on a fixed reference point.

Some professionals have called the PHT a “mechanical Jack Grout.” Teaching Pro Jack Grout used his arm and handful of hair to hold young Nicklaus’ head still. The PHT has a 48 inch, two piece arm that adjusts to golfers’ head heights.  At the end of the arm is a foam rubber cylinder, against which the golfer applies light pressure with her/his forehead.

The PRO-HEAD Trainer is a mechanical arm that performs the same function as holding on to the golfer’s hair. The specially designed rubber connector allows for any slight head movement, but not for head bobbing or for any change to the spine angle. You can easily observe these aspects of the golf swing by watching some interesting videos.

Just as with young Jack, the golfer must develop the muscle memory that will eliminate the “head bob” or faulty head movement in any direction, so that s/he will see the ball at impact. All golfers at all skill levels, must consistently repeat those elements that make for a good swing with a steady head. The PRO-HEAD Trainer helps to do just that.  

Save $25 off your order use discount code KenZ when ordering at!

Pro-Head Trainer
Phone: 732-278-7760

“Practice Like You Play” because “A Better Game Awaits”

When it comes to golf training aids, the Tee Claw stands above the rest, here’s why:

As the game of golf becomes increasingly global, players of all ages and abilities need a simple, versatile and dependable training aid that delivers results. Introducing the Tee Claw. A revolutionary performance golf training aid that allows golfers to use real golf tees on artificial mats, replacing old rubber tubes and bulky alignment sticks.

The Tee Claw is quickly becoming the new training aid for golf instruction. The simplicity of the Tee Claw allows golfers the ability to practice using real golf tees. The Tee Claw comes with an elastic lanyard that reinforces basic fundamentals such as foot alignment, ball position, and swing path to name a few.

Our social media sites continue to demonstrate the creative ways golfers of all levels use our product to improve their golf game. Click on the links to our social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and You Tube) to see some great training videos and photos demonstrating the growing passion for Tee Claw. Visit us at and learn why we are on the way to becoming the world’s most versatile and simplistic golf training aid on the market today.  

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Delivering the club with the forearms from a shallow angle of approach. The forearm rotation created by the SSR delivers the club thru impact not only with a square club face, it creates a shallow angle of attack for maximum force. This means added Power to your impact.

The SSR creates true repeatable impact in practice as you are now able to repeat swing after swing exactly the same. You will have more productive practice sessions in less time. Ball flight will become the same shot after shot giving you an awesome impact and what we all want – lower scores. You will be able to repeat your practice over and over and this will super charge your game.

The SSR allows your game to perform like never before. You will now have ball control with a square club face for straight shots and consistent lofts for distance control. Timing the impact is no longer necessary as the SSR keeps the club face square thru the swing. Consistent contact on putts, chips and pitch shots will make you dominate your short game.

Improve Your Swing with this Simple Brace
We have developed the SSR Training Brace to simplify the golf swing and make golf easier and more fun. Our SSR will allow you to practice more efficiently and repeat your swing with ease. Just picture your perfect practice repetition and repeated ball striking results. Now you can take your swing from the range to the course as you can play the entire round without having to remove the SSR. On average, our clients are lowering their handicaps by 40% in four to six weeks using the SSR. Get started today!  

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Make an Impact on Your Game

Swing Caddy / Hole In One

Amazing Golf Swing Impact Trainers with International Patents!

  • Adjust swing speed from SW to Driver.
  • Develop golf swing patterns.
  • Control rhythm, timing, and tempo.
  • Improve distance and accuracy.
  • Maintain physical balance.
  • Develop muscle memory.

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