The Last Scoreboard You Will Ever Need To Buy!!

Wireless Multi-Sport Scoreboards that can be powered by a standard 120 VAC Power Outlet or a 12Volt Deep-Cycle Battery. Also available an optional Solar Panel charging system for the 12 Volt Battery that is included with the Trailer set-ups. To change from AC to DC power, and back again, is accomplished simply by swapping out our AC and DC Power Cords. The Multi-Sport Scoreboards can be permanently mounted on ‘H-Posts’. If portability is desired, we can provide custom trailers that can be moved with a golf cart or small utility vehicle. Our Wireless Multi-Sport Scoreboards are controlled by our very intuitive LCD Touch-Screen Controller (the wireless module found in both the Scoreboard and the controller are rated at 2 miles ‘Line-of-Sight’ communication).

  • Weatherproof design for years of trouble-free operation
  • Flexible and easy operation using our wireless LCD controller, laptop, or Android device
  • Used for multiple sports, including: baseball, softball, football, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, volleyball, rugby, hockey
  • Totally self-contained: Pull it to any sports field and you’re ready to start playing in minutes
  • Powered by two 50 watt solar panels and one inexpensive 12 volt deep-cycle battery or can be powered by 120 VAC power when available
  • Easy to store in off-season to prevent damage from weather or vandalism
  • 13” red numeric displays utilize super-bright LED’s with wide viewing angle (easily readable at 100+ yards away, even in bright sunshine)
  • Lexan face panel is virtually indestructible
  • Available with permanent or mobile stands for stadium and practice field locations
  • Designed and manufactured in USA

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Victory Game Clocks

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Professional Introductions...from Major League Voices...Infused with Music...for Any Youth Sport

Sports. Music. Kids. They belong together.

BallparkDJ brings the ultimate athletic audio experience to any youth sporting event with professional introductions from Major League Baseball and NFL/NBA/UFC announcers…right from your phone. You can even voice your team yourself if you’ve got what it takes. Infuse your voice intros with each kids favorite song to create professional level baseball walk-ups or introductions for football, basketball, softball, hockey, soccer, wrestling, kickball or any sport.

BallparkDJ brings the ultimate athletic audio experience to any youth sporting event. Combine your voice intro with any part of your favorite songs to create professional level baseball walk-ups or introductions for football, basketball, softball, or any sport. Share your team with another parent, or order personalized professional voicing from Major League Baseball announcer, Casey Motter. One-time team setup for an entire season is quick and easy, and game day operation is nothing more than a tap of a button. No microphone needed. No game day pressure. Watch this video to learn more about baseball walk-up introductions. Watch this video to learn about professional pre-game introductions for ANY team sport.

Basketball Introductions and Announcements from BallparkDJ on Vimeo.

BallPark DJ
Website: BallPark DJ

The groundbreaking WearBands Gravitational Resistance Training System is the most effective training system for youth athletes. It’s no-weight, no-impact, fluid resistance helps kids develop strength, agility, balance, coordination and endurance without overloading their young, growing bodies. The system can be used effectively by anyone 10 years old & up (or a minimum of 4’10”).

The system comes in multiple customizable sizes, so anyone of any size can use them effectively. 3 or 5 resistance level systems means anyone of any strength or fitness level can find the right resistance level, and you will never plateau.

Professional athletes and Olympians have discovered WearBands, as have major collegiate programs like the University of Georgia, Ohio State, Duke, UNC and James Madison University, just to name a few. Private training facilities and sports academies throughout the U.S. and the world are using WearBands to improve the athleticism and sports-specific movements of athletes in virtually every sport.

Because WearBands can be added to any workout, at any speed, anywhere, no new programming is necessary to learn. You just add WearBands to what you are already doing and see the results multiply. Improve functional strength, movement, change of direction, vertical jump, conditioning and muscular endurance. All from one simple, affordable and portable system. On the field or court, in the gym, at home, while traveling. If you have a set of WearBands, you have a gym in the palm of your hand.

Parents love it too for general fitness! Amplify the results of any workout or activity. Burn 30% more calories, increase average heart rate by 15-20% for a cardio/strength workout every time.

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5-Level Lower Body System

3-Level Lower Body System

Premium Silicone Rings - Lifetime Guarantee

Represent your favorite sport with this one-of-a-kind-3-dimensional silicone ring. The recycled medical grade silicone ensures that your ring will remain flexible and comfortable under any condition. Our rings are the perfect accessory to complete your gameday outfit. Wear this ring at home, at work, and especially during the big game!

These are a great fundraising option for your team/organization, click here to learn about our fundraising opportunities.

Gameday Global
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Get Laced Laces has the custom laces that you need to upgrade your spirit wear! Take your spirit packs to the next level with Get Laced Laces. We can customize laces to meet your team's needs with just about any color on the pantone color scale. Get down with the newest trend and have your teams LACED!

Over 35 Styles of Laces!

Calling all schools, sports programs and youth groups - We do custom laces!

Get Laced


AMarc Pro is a cutting-edge EMS device that delivers the most effective muscle recovery available. Our patented technology creates non-fatiguing muscle activation, which is scientifically proven to enhance each stage of the muscle recovery process. Marc Pro makes it easy to recover faster, perform at your best, and keep your body healthy and active for the future.

Research shows that muscle activation is the key facilitator for all stages of the body’s natural recovery process, which means using ice, compression boots, or foam rolling are not very effective for improving your recovery. Your body requires movement (aka active recovery) to rebuild after a workout or intense activity.

A relaxing 30-60 minute session with Marc Pro, several times per week, allows you to:
  • Recover Faster
  • Perform At Your Best
  • Maintain Proper Biomechanics
  • Prevent Overuse Injuries

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