All In Faith was built by a master jeweler father and an aspiring baseball playing son. Most of our jewelry ties together the passion for your favorite sport and the love for your faith. The original baseball necklace cross is one of our timeless and most popular designs. Worn by many major and minor league baseball player, you too can get the same great looks!

This baseball necklace cross pendant features a tarnish resistant sterling silver (0.925 silver) cross made from three baseball bats. The three bats symbolize the Father, the Son, and the Holy spirit. The Trinity lies at the center of every Christian athlete's core beliefs and it is direct reflected into this baseball pendant. Adding one of our many chains to this pendant will give you a great piece to show off your love for the game and faith both on and off the field.

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Athletes have been slipping on indoor courts for over 100 years. The problem is not your shoes. You slip due to the constant buildup of dust on the court and normal wear and tear on the surface. Sticky mats and dangerous chemicals you apply to your shoes do nothing to improve your traction where you need it most: On the Court! Court Grabbers provides superior traction every second of practice and games.

Court Grabbers are super lightweight equipment that lace onto your shoes to allow you to instantly restore the World's Best Traction to your shoes at anytime on the court, during play, without using your hands!

​No more slipping on the court or wasted energy constantly wiping your shoes for traction.

​ Great for Basketball, Volleyball, Raquetball and all court sports.


Court Grabbers
Phone: 718-698-0775 is a web based service that allows you to quickly create attention getting graphics containing game updates/results and important announcments. adds sizzle to your score reporting, taking game information and creating graphics which are social media ready. This tool was designed and priced for high school and travel teams to connect with their fan base of families, friends, and alumni. Graphics are customized to use your team’s colors, logos, and photos, so they are branded for your individual teams. ScoreCrier graphics are more likely to get noticed, which means they are more likely to be shared/retweeted by your fans helping further to spread the word. Best of all, ScoreCrier is a web based tool, which means everything can be done from your phone, tablet, or computer anywhere you can get internet access. Information & Pricing
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Volleyball Sports Roses

Searching for the perfect gift for a Soccer player, coach, parent or fan?

Volleyball Roses are a perfect gift idea for baseball fans, players, coaches, and team moms. They also make great gifts for all occasions including, birthdays, graduations, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Valentine's Day.You can also use them in a centerpiece for any event. Baseball Roses feature petals handmade from genuine baseball leather.

Sports Roses are great for birthdays, weddings, proms, graduations, funerals, homecoming, anniversaries, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Valentine's Day. Sports Roses make a long lasting memory of their favorite sports that will last forever.

Sports Roses are also available for softball, baseball, soccer, basketball, baseball, volleyball & football and can be customized with names and numbers and turned into bouquets, coursages, boutonniere and many other unique gift items.

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