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The Last Scoreboard You Will Ever Need To Buy!!

Wireless Multi-Sport Scoreboards that can be powered by a standard 120 VAC Power Outlet or a 12Volt Deep-Cycle Battery. Also available an optional Solar Panel charging system for the 12 Volt Battery that is included with the Trailer set-ups. To change from AC to DC power, and back again, is accomplished simply by swapping out our AC and DC Power Cords. The Multi-Sport Scoreboards can be permanently mounted on ‘H-Posts’. If portability is desired, we can provide custom trailers that can be moved with a golf cart or small utility vehicle. Our Wireless Multi-Sport Scoreboards are controlled by our very intuitive LCD Touch-Screen Controller (the wireless module found in both the Scoreboard and the controller are rated at 2 miles ‘Line-of-Sight’ communication).

  • Weatherproof design for years of trouble-free operation
  • Flexible and easy operation using our wireless LCD controller, laptop, or Android device
  • Used for multiple sports, including: baseball, softball, football, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, volleyball, rugby, hockey
  • Totally self-contained: Pull it to any sports field and you’re ready to start playing in minutes
  • Powered by two 50 watt solar panels and one inexpensive 12 volt deep-cycle battery or can be powered by 120 VAC power when available
  • Easy to store in off-season to prevent damage from weather or vandalism
  • 13” red numeric displays utilize super-bright LED’s with wide viewing angle (easily readable at 100+ yards away, even in bright sunshine)
  • Lexan face panel is virtually indestructible
  • Available with permanent or mobile stands for stadium and practice field locations
  • Designed and manufactured in USA

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Victory Game Clocks

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Indoor Football Training Device, Kicking Training Tool, Improves Skill and Form, For Indoor and Outdoor for All Ages, Patent Pending By Kick-it Trainer

• ✓ LIGHTWEIGHT: Lightweight enough to be carried in one hand is easily portable. Portable football training device to help your shot and form
• ✓ IMPROVES: Trainer that improves kick strength and develops weaker foot. Good for lefty and righty players.
• ✓ DURABLE: Kick-it Trainer is made of hardened tempered steel for durability. Ball sling is secure to to steel base via braided steel cable tether. Contact us if you have any issues!
• ✓ ALL AGES: Great for youth and high school football, youth teams, and anyone looking to improve their form and skill. Great as a gift as well!
• ✓ INDOOR/OUTDOOR: Kick-it can be used to practice inside in a small space or outdoors. Ultra portable and playable on nearly any surface. Perfect for winter season and inside the house!

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Kick-It Trainer
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Premium Silicone Rings - Lifetime Guarantee

Represent your favorite sport with this one-of-a-kind-3-dimensional silicone ring. The recycled medical grade silicone ensures that your ring will remain flexible and comfortable under any condition. Our rings are the perfect accessory to complete your gameday outfit. Wear this ring at home, at work, and especially during the big game!

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Gameday Global
Website: www.Gameday.Global/
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In 2015, we launched the new FirstDown PlayBook, an online playbook tool that enables coaches of all levels to create great playbooks on any device. All of the amazing plays for offense, defense, 7 on 7, special teams, youth and flag are included in one place to give you a streamlined experience. Instead of subscribing to individual apps for each speciality, you can enjoy everything you need in one simple interface.

  • Built & organized like an NFL PlayBook
  • Over 24,000 unique play drawings & growing
  • Detailed coaching points for every play
  • Offense, Defense, Special Teams, Youth & Flag
  • Flip all plays to see mirrored version
  • Runs & protections drawn up vs multiple defenses
  • Defenses fitted up vs multiple formations with adjustments
  • Create your own playbooks from our library
  • Perfect for 7 on 7 too
  • Designed for PCs, tablets & phones (internet connection required)

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FirstDown Playbook

Website: FirstDown Playbook

  • Golfers sinking challenging 30 foot putts
  • Football quarterbacks passing deep bombs down the sidelines
  • Baseball shortstops scooping up tough one hop grounders
  • Tennis pros spinning nasty forehand drop shots… all require a special touch.

Despite the numerous sports gloves in the market, a need still remained for a novel grip glove that truly felt natural – literally placing the athlete’s own sensitive skin onto the securely held sport item. After extensive material research, numerous prototype designs, and extensive field testing, a sports product line of patented mokom gloves was created. Our mokom gloves were specifically designed for those particular sports that require the optimal BALANCE of a sensitive NATURAL TOUCH and improved HI-TECH GRIP. All mokom gloves were custom designed to meet FOUR important parameters: 1. Increase Overall Handgrip 2. Retain Tactile Sensitivity 3. Maximize Air Ventilation 4. Maintain Manual Dexterity.

All of our finely crafted mokom gloves are fabricated from an ultra-thin, black, stretchable, knit fabric with a textured polyurethane coating and soft, white, cabretta leather. The unique black material is "grippy", conformable, super breathable and even prevents dry-rotting. The precision laser cut hole pattern strategically exposes the athlete’s sensitive skin on the palm and finger pads where the nerves are most prevalent. Numerous additional holes permit knuckles to naturally flex for improved manual dexterity and an increase in overall cool air flow. Extra durable, black, cabretta leather palm pads are incorporated only for those sports that require additional wear protection. Our custom designed mokom gloves were tailor made for Golf, Football, Baseball and Racquet Sports.

Mokom Gloves
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All In Faith was built by a master jeweler father and an aspiring baseball playing son. Most of our jewelry ties together the passion for your favorite sport and the love for your faith. The original baseball necklace cross is one of our timeless and most popular designs. Worn by many major and minor league baseball player, you too can get the same great looks!

This baseball necklace cross pendant features a tarnish resistant sterling silver (0.925 silver) cross made from three baseball bats. The three bats symbolize the Father, the Son, and the Holy spirit. The Trinity lies at the center of every Christian athlete's core beliefs and it is direct reflected into this baseball pendant. Adding one of our many chains to this pendant will give you a great piece to show off your love for the game and faith both on and off the field.

Other Sports - Football, Basketball, Fitness, Golf, Hockey, Lacosse, Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball

All In Faith
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PALMGARD is celebrating its 28th year in the sporting goods industry. PALMGARD manufacture high quality Baseball and Football Gloves and Accessories that will allow you to perform better and longer at your game.

PalmGard Products
  • GRIP-TACK II FOOTBALL RECEIVER GLOVES maintains its tack and gripability. The palm surface will not attract grass and dirt and the gloves are washable. Double stitched seams for added durabilitly. Adult sizes range from S-XXXL and Youth sizes range from XXS-L. Nine color choices are available!

  • The Edge Power Weighted Training Glove - Great for BASEBALL, SOFTBALL & FOOTBALL: Improve arm strength and bat speed with one great product.

Phone: 410-922-6725

Player Cutouts, Big Heads, Yard Signs

Personalized Corrugated Plastic Big Heads or player cutouts. Great for sporting events of all kinds. Use as a fundraiser or to show your team spirit. Use your own photo to create a custom Big Head or player cutout.

Big Heads, Player Cutouts & Yard Signs are a great way to represent and support your coaches, your players and your cheerleaders at special events. These player cutouts are printed on one side, in full digital color. The corrugated plastic is durable and weather proof and even sturdy enough for the whole season!

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Dak Prescott – QB, Dallas Cowboys

Richard Sherman – CB, Seattle Seahawks
Founded in 1983, we have the best teaching football programs in the nation having graduated over 103,000 athletes, many currently playing at the college level. Nationwide camps, location near you!

Sports International offers four types of camps and academies to meet your football player's needs:
  • FOOTBALL CAMPS - Learn individual and team techniques on both offense and defense from the best instructors available. The veteran coaching staff will ensure each player is placed in the appropriate group to allow coaches to progressively teach basic and advanced techniques to best benefit each group.

  • PASSING, RECEIVING & DB ACADEMIES - These academies feature specialized instruction for quarterbacks, receivers, tight ends, and defensive backs. Participants will receive in-depth instruction, lectures, and demonstrations from an exceptional coaching staff made up of high school and college coaches, selected for their ability to teach the game of football. There are also outstanding classroom sessions and film sessions. You will not find better instruction anywhere - period!

  • LINEMAN ACADEMIES - These academies feature specialized instruction for lineman. Participants will be trained by our outstanding veteran college and high school coaching staff, selected for their ability to coach and teach the game of football. There are also outstanding classroom sessions and film sessions.

  • KICKING, PUNTING & LONG SNAPPING CAMPS - These camps give each participant personalized instruction in the disciplines of kicking, punting, and long snapping. Specialized college and high school coaches, as well as current and former college kickers, punters, and long snappers at the top of their field, coach each position.

If you are an experienced football player or just starting football, our football programs are an experience you will never forget!

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Michael Irvin – Hall of Fame Wide Receiver

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Qball Reaction Ball

The Qball is a new addition to the Reaction Ball Market. It is a solid rubber ball with a moderately erratic bounce. It allows athletes to train Fast Reactions, Vision and Eye-Hand Coordination without having to chase the ball all over the room. It trains direct vision, peripheral vision and visual attention. A player can bounce 1 or 2 Qballs to waist height alternating hands very quickly. This trains the circuitry between the eyes, brain and body. It is fantastic way to warm up the mind and eyes for a game. The numbers on the ball provide a point of focus while also allowing for fun math games. Visit for more information and to purchase your Qballs today.

Qball Reaction Ball
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